Who took the excitement out of the Oscars?

I was pleased with most of the winners at the Oscars last night, but honestly, this was one of the WORST Academy Awards I’ve ever watched in my life! Everyone acted like they were at a funeral! What’s their problem? DId they all decide to come with bad, pity-party attitudes and leave their personalities at home?

I was greatly disappointed with George Clooney’s attitude, the lack of class that was prevalent with the presenters, and the offensive looks that these stars gave when Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin made fun, innocent jokes about everyone! Lighten up people! You’re getting paid millions to create stories and do something you love! At least “act” like you’re grateful!


~ by Jennifer M. Bittinger on March 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Who took the excitement out of the Oscars?”

  1. Jennifer—I didn’t get to watch the Oscars–but I’ll take your word for it. Self–focus is a real problem in the world today. LIZ

  2. P.S.—I like the look of your blog—teach me how to start mine. LB

  3. Thank you! We need to always get our focus to be more on others than ourselves. Great reminder! Thank you, Mom!

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