About Me

There is never a dull moment in the life of Jennifer BoGray! haha! I am a crazy overachiever who loves sports, traveling, music, entertainment, movies, and delicious food!

I married the most amazing, loving man named Kristopher on August 1, 2009, and we are quite a wild, fun pair! We are both entertainment junkies who also work in entertainment and have been in some form of the industry most of our lives. He was in the music industry in Los Angeles for 12 years and I traveled around the globe singing with groups and in theatre from a young age.

I love people. Yes, there are numerous times when I get annoyed with people, but I still love the adventure of meeting a new person and getting to know them in less than five minutes. Even when I was a contestant for Miss Missouri America Pageant, the judges said I could become best friends with a wall if I had to! haha!

In all honesty, I love my hubby, my parents, family, and God. I have been blessed with many opportunities to do cool things in life, but I still want to do more and do greater things that help others. My goal in entertainment is to write music that tells the raw realities of life and to be an entertainment icon that people can easily relate to.

Let’s connect and I hope you have fun reading more of what’s happening in my adventurous life! Let me know what’s happening in your life, too!

J BoGray


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Love you both—You need to teach me how to design a Family Heritage Websight –to post family ancesters, pictures, stories, etc. think about it—I need a media-coach! MOM B

  2. I really enjoy reading your works and the looking at the lovely pics here. This format looks great too. Thanks, Jennifer. This is definitely one of my favs now!

    • Thank you, Josselyn! You’re so sweet and an awesome encourager!

      I am finding more and more that a varied format in articles helps the readers because it makes it helps it not look so long or “serious.”

      I love reading your articles on Examiner.com!

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