Jennifer BoGray


Height: 5’7”      Weight: 115 lbs       Hair: Blonde       Eyes: HazelGreen

Maiden Name: Jennifer Bittinger | | 330.687.2244


Medical Short Films – Secretary (Coastal Films, Inc.)

Digital Media World – Media Director (Pelham Productions)

Cold Showers – Bride/Best Friend (Felton Productions)

Hunting the Great White Wale – Jenny (Evangel University Productions)

Double Take – Girl (Cire One Films)


Reel Street Review – Host/Producer (

Virginia Symphony Orchestra – Television Host (PBS HDTV)

Reel Dreams Live Webcast Event – Talent/Host (Reel Dreams Productions)

Two Worlds – Host (Trinity Broadcast Network)

Newswatch – Weather Anchor (ECTV)

Strobelight – Host (ECTV)

Fashion Fever – Model/Emcee (Evangel University)


D.I.A. Marketing – Business Woman/Model (Hutsen Talent Agency)

Platform Fitness – Fitness Trainer (VoicesAnd Talent)

Hallmark – Young Mom (VoicesAnd Talent)

Top Sider – Young Woman (Opfer Communications, Inc.)

Chef Tony – Assistant (Opfer Communications, Inc.)

Clear Solutions – Model (Opfer Communications, Inc.)


Alice in Wonderland, Jr. –  Music Director (2008) Regent University

Oliver – Music Director (2008) Regent University

La Boheme Opera – Townswoman (2002) Evangel University

Fiddler on the Roof Musical – Principle: Zietal (2003) Evangel University

Sleeping Beauty opera – Principle: Queen (2004) Evangel University

Othello opera – Principle: Daughter (2004) Evangel University

The Miracle Worker – Principle: Kate Keller (2000) Roosevelt H. S.

Cinderella Musical – Principle: Queen (2001) Roosevelt H. S.


Soul Uncut Music Artist – Virginia Beach Concert Series

Miss Missouri (America) Pageant – Talent & Interview Winner (Miss America Pageant System)

Hollywood Candlelight Forum – Special Guest Music Artist (Regent University Pictures)


Classical Piano (22 yrs); Classical Voice (10 yrs); Classical Voice Teacher (4 yrs); Akron Vocal Academy; Evangel Opera Company; Stage Director; Set Design; Costume Design; Lighting & Technical Director; Regent University Entertainment Acting Workshops; Film Acting Workshops; Dance Instruction; Speech/Talent Training with Lynn Scarborough.


Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite Skills, Web Design, Teleprompter, Camera Operation, Grip, Songwriter, Composer,


Pianist, Vocalist, Author; Columnist; Broadcaster


B.S., Communication Studies, Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri

M.A., Journalism, Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia



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