A fresh, clean slate

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What was the thing you felt most guilty about in 2009? Do you wish you could go back and do things differently? Did you say things to someone at work or at home that you wish you could take back? Did you go to Starbucks one too many times and spend money on calories that you know were not good for you?

I am guilty. I do regret some things I did in 2009, words of anger or malice that I said, and even the glorious, sinful calories that I consumed as a Starbucks junkie! haha! BUT!!! I cannot go back and change things. I don’t have the magic wand to repeat the past. However, I do have the opportunity to write a new story on my fresh, clean slate of 2010! What an exciting new page in my life story!

What are your goals for 2010? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Or are you more of the cynical type who wants to just see what happens by chance each day? We are all different and have unique approaches to starting a new year. There’s nothing wrong with resolutions or cynical outlooks because we all have those moments at times, too. Therefore, how can we actually make wise goals and reach them this year? How can we take the right steps so we don’t look back in remorse on 2010?

Here are some fun tips that I believe will help us all!

1. Love yourself for who you truly are. Don’t make outlandish goals that will be impossible for you to reach. You are not going to become Halle Berry or Brad Pitt! That’s unrealistic and not fair to you. You are uniquely beautiful and handsome. Cherish your good qualities!

2. Love others more than yourself. This is tough. But, when you truly decide to serve others out of genuine love and selflessly provide for their well-being, then you actually in turn will love yourself more, too. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Learn patience. This is an on-going lesson! Ha! Don’t expect others to know what you’re thinking all the time and meet your every whim. Be more patient with others and with yourself. My toughest task is usually to be patient with myself because I am a perfectionist and want to be the best. Ha! That will never happen! Perfectionists will fail every time. We are not made to be perfect because we are human.

4. Embrace differences. Learn more about other cultures, peoples’ backgrounds, and refine how you converse with others about differing opinions and values. Stand for what you believe is right, but don’t destroy others because of their views. Love them for their heart and soul.

5. Listen more. This is so hard! I am quite a talker and writer as you can tell from my articles, and I have learned many difficult, painful lessons about listening. Don’t speak too quickly and listen to a conversation first before injecting your thoughts or opinions. You will be wiser and more respected for it in the long run.

6. Savor each moment and morsel. DON’T DIET THIS YEAR!!! You probably think I’m crazy, but I encourage you to not try a new diet and instead teach yourself to enjoy each morsel of food. The French are brilliant with food! They eat butter, cream, and fat in every meal, yet they are slender and healthy. They have learned the art of cooking savory meals that have rich flavors and fill you quickly. You will lose weight if you pay attention more to what you eat and knowing when you are satisfied. Savor each moment with others, too. Take delight in those around you because those wonderful times will quickly pass you by.

I hope that these tips help you as much as they will for me in 2010. You are a valuable person who has a beautiful, clean slate in front of you for 2010. What will you do with it? Will you draw closer to others, embrace more of your unique identity, or draw closer to God? It’s our choice. Let’s start today!


What are you doing today to reach your dreams tomorrow?

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The U.S. economy took the greatest nose dive in 2008 when the Stock Market bellied at a shocking low causing America and the rest of the world to experience waves of unemployment, poverty, and the scariest economic panic that the world has seen since The Depression. This economic downturn not only affected the Middle Class, but also affected the wealthy and poverty stricken. The definition of capitalism started to change…capitalism

Capitalism is defined as an “economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.”

Americans and global citizens are revolutionizing the vision of capitalism!

Roughly over 30 years ago entrepreneurs came up with a business idea that would cut out the costs of the “middle man” and share the profits of the company only between the company the distributors. This became known as “Network Marketing.”

Dr. Charles King, renowned professor of business practices, says that there are five key factors to a network marketing company and I’m going to tell you of a company that is exploding in all these areas!

  • Demand—The beauty industry is booming and people need health and wellness products.
  • Consumable—a product should be bought often.
  • Quality – offers high-end, but affordable, consumable products.
  • Timing and Trends—a business should be favored by market trends.
  • Leveraging—a business should demand only flexible time.

One of the premiere companies that is impacting millions of people in the U.S. and around the globe is Arbonne International. I was introduced to Arbonne five years ago in Springfield, Missouri when a friend invited me to a meeting to learn about Arbonne’s Natural Swiss Skincare products. I was suspicious of network marketing because I had gone to many parties for other makeup companies and wholesale products, so I decided to buy the cheapest itemin the Arbonne catalog—sunscreen chapstick. I used that one natural chapstick for six months and I became hooked.

I am still using the amazing Arbonne products today and now have decided to build my own personal business throughArbonne FC5 the network marketing phenomenon! I realized that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a stuffy office from nine to five and get stuck in hours of traffic. I want to make my own hours, choose the people I work with, get back the income that I have worked for, and have freedom to spend time with my husband and family! WHAT AN AWESOME LIFE!!!

ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION: What are you doing today to reach your dreams tomorrow?

Questions? Contact Me: jennifer.bogray@gmail.com

Family Matters

What can I do for my family?

The Job Search…

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As of August 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that America is currently at 9.6% unemployment. Scary! Some states like Ohio and Michigan are even at higher rates of unemployment and not seeing any hope of ending the job drought soon. What has happened to our great nation and what are Americans feeling?

I have had personal experience as one of the hundreds-of-thousands who are unemployed. My job of the past two years ended the last day of June 2009 and I just found a position three days ago with a company that will keep me financially afloat and allow me to have a flexible schedule for my involvement with entertainment projects.

It was quite scary not having job during one of the most exciting times of my life—marrying the love of my life and starting our new life together. It took faith, trust, and major communication tools for my husband Kris and I to stay within our budget and talk about the important details of our finances.

Grow closer through everything!

Grow closer through everything!

No one likes to say they’re unemployed. No one likes to say they’re struggling financially. But, why are we so ashamed? Are we too wrapped in our own pride and pity parties to realize that the guy or girl next to us at the bank might also be overwhelmed with fear about how they’re going to pay their bills this month?

So, what should we do to overcome this historical period of unemployment in our country and destroy the disease of fear that is more dangerous than the financial burdens we face?

My loving, wise husband gave me some valuable advice that I will never forget: The only thing to fear is fear itself. He also reminded me that I have no excuse for not being happy if I don’t make the most of each day to enjoy the little things of life. I don’t need money or Starbucks to make me happy! (Ouch! That’s a BIG step of surrender for me! I’m a Starbucks fein!)

I’m learning during our recession how to be resourceful. Here are a few ways that Kris and I have been resourceful to save money and get money:

1. Return any items (clothes, gifts, etc.) that have the tags on them and you know you don’t need if they don’t have sentimental value.

2. Unplug appliances, cell phone chargers, toasters, curling irons, etc. when not using them. Turn up the temperature on your air conditioning during the day when you’re not home. Turn off the TV or computers when you’re not using them.

3. Sell items (books, DVDs, furniture, etc.) on fun online markets like Amazon, Craigslist, ebay, etc.

These are just a few ideas that may be able to help you clean up your house and also put more cash in your pocket for sweet treats or important bills.

Don’t underestimate the power of creativity and prayer! ha! This is our time to explore our numerous talents and gifts as human beings. Apply for jobs that you have never tried and re-vamp your resume on websites like VisualCV.com.

Any way you look at it, we’re all in this together! So, make the most of it and draw together with those you love during tough times.

A New Time!

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Is anything new happening in your life right now? Are you in a new romantic relationship or trying to find a new job or career?

Let the JBoGray audience know what’s happening in your life!


Summer Sizzlers!

Summer Sizzlers!

Hello world!

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