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Hi Friends!

Thank your for your awesome support and readership! I am no longer using this blog for my entertainment career and business.


Best to you!



Dancing With The Stars – Episode 2

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Over 39 Million people watched the premiere of the 10th season of “Dancing With The Stars” last week on ABC! It was amazing! I was so thrilled to be one of those 39 Million people! To watch celebrities with various backgrounds like Chad Ochocinco from the Cincinnatti Bengals, Erin Andrews from ESPN, and Pamela Anderson, who takes your breath away with her hot bod that hasn’t changed in 20 years!

Tonight is a BIG night! Who do you think will go home after the first week? Give me your opinion and watch tonight on ABC at 8/7 Central! Don’t miss it!

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough danced the Viennese Waltz to Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne.Erin Andrews rehearsing for her dance.

Do you think this show will get as big as American Idol?

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Jobs…why do they control us?

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You get up at 6 a.m. five days a week for at least 30 to 50 years of your life…just to be put in a seniors apartment or nursing home where your money is viciously taken from you for the outrageous rent you have to pay for care and services. At that point, you’ll probably be thinking… “why didn’t I take control of my life instead of letting my job take control of me?”

Many people in our country have thought these things for years or something similar. The “American Dream” has been beaten into us so much from the time we are children that to think that there is anything more successful than a career is foolish! WHY????

We define ourselves by our jobs, cars, houses, pets, childrens’ successes, and traveling exploits. We think it’s foolish to live in a simple one-bedroom apartment to pay off school loans

The American Dream

instead of paying higher rent for a larger home and postpone our indebtedness.

Personally, I am just as guilty. I have to daily remind myself of the endless joys that I am given and that I have the privilege of enjoying time with those I love. Yes, my husband and I have daily jobs that pay our bills and give us the little luxuries that we enjoy together, but we don’t define ourselves or our happiness on whether we get a promotion or a raise. Life is too short to place that kind of pressure on our shoulders.

My probelm is that I look at others too much. I base my happiness on the things that I don’t have. It’s a struggle at times to park my silver Honda Civic next to the new Jaguar or Lexus at work, but then I slap myself and say, “Hey, Jen, you are blessed! Don’t forget how excited you were to get this car when your old car was totalled in an accident two years ago!” Yep, my mind was brought back to reality!

Ask yourself: What are you controlled by and will it bring a smile to your face in 30 years?

Re-think your priorities and join me in being grateful for our many blessings. We’re alive and have today to enjoy!

Who took the excitement out of the Oscars?

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I was pleased with most of the winners at the Oscars last night, but honestly, this was one of the WORST Academy Awards I’ve ever watched in my life! Everyone acted like they were at a funeral! What’s their problem? DId they all decide to come with bad, pity-party attitudes and leave their personalities at home?

I was greatly disappointed with George Clooney’s attitude, the lack of class that was prevalent with the presenters, and the offensive looks that these stars gave when Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin made fun, innocent jokes about everyone! Lighten up people! You’re getting paid millions to create stories and do something you love! At least “act” like you’re grateful!

What an exciting day!

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The 2010 Oscar’s are tonight!!! This is one of my favorite days of the year! We get to watch beautiful people adorned with the most gorgeous and outrageous gowns and outfits by various designers who are always trying to make a statement. We also get to see the satisfaction and gratitude shown to filmmakers who spend day and night working on some of the largest films in history. It’s breathtaking.

Who do you think will win an Oscar this year?

Here are my selections. Comment at the bottom of this article to give me your opinions.



ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE – George Clooney in “Up in the Air”

ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE – Woody Harrelson in “The Messenger”

ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE – Sandra Bullock in “The Blindside”

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE – Anna Kendrick in “Up in the Air”

ANIMATED FEATURE FILM – “The Princes and the Frog”


CINEMATOGRAPHY – “Inglourious Basterds”


DIRECTING – “The Hurt Locker”


DOCUMENTARY SHORT – “Music by Prudence”


FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM – “The Milk of Sorrow”

MAKEUP – “Star Trek”

MUSIC (ORIGINAL SCORE) – “Sherlock Holmes”

MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG) – “Nine” Take It All

SHORT FILM ANIMATED – “A Matter of Loaf and Death”







Hi, it’s me!

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